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NUCATOLI Descrizione Ingredienti Description Ingredients

Cookies, chocolate and sweets

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In ancient times it was called the recycled biscuit because inside it 'finished' all the biscuits to be minced together with almonds and walnuts. We only use dried fruit, together with honey and orange zest. Everything is wrapped in a crumbly pastry. Typical of the Christmas period but available all year round.

Peso nettoNet weight: 200 g
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Did you know?...

Nucatoli are typical Sicilian biscuits, S-shaped and open on the surface, from which the filling comes, a variable mixture of dried figs, raisins, honey or cooked must, walnuts or almonds, orange or lemon zest and aromas. They can be covered with a sugar and egg white glaze. These are typical Christmas sweets, but they are already found for the festival of the Dead. To characterize them is the S-shape, which is located in Butera and Modica, where they are called Mucatoli. There are also variants with I or bow shape, both typical of the Syracuse area. Less traditional, but still widespread, are the star, rhombus or circle shapes. The term nucatoli probably derives from the Latin nucatus, meaning "seasoned with walnuts", which is assumed to be the main ingredients of the original preparation, but could also derive from the Arabic naqal, which means "dried fruit". Dried fruit is an important source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, among these the essential fatty acids such as Omega3 and Omega6 components of cell membranes, precursors of both hormones and substances involved in inflammatory responses and necessary for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Despite its caloric intake, dried fruit is an ally of weight since the fiber contained helps to increase the sense of satiety and attenuates the glycemic peak after meals, helping to delay the sense of hunger.



Dried fruit, honey, orange peel



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